Hello world! Welcome to my blog!

To begin with, a bit of an explanation.  The poet William Carlos Williams once wrote, “Think of the poem as an object, an apple that is red and good to eat–or a plum that is blue and sour–or better yet, a machine for making bolts.” The purpose of my project, however, is not to make a commentary on poem as object, but rather on object as poem. If you can stretch your imagination, try thinking of this blog as a one giant, sprawling poem composed of little segments of individuals.

For my first entry, I decided to share one of my own stories. This, world, is my object.


This is my guitar. I would write more, but I try to avoid being redundant whenever possible, so I will just let you watch the video.

So anyways, I hope you have enjoyed my first post. As you continue exploring the blog, as you look at the objects that others collect around them, I hope that memories will stir within you not unlike the lilacs in Eliot’s “The Waste Land”.  I hope too that through wandering through these stories you will discover something of yourself and of your own memories.