For those of you who have so far lived in ignorance of the plush toy phenomena lovingly referred to as the Uglydolls, Arielle Baker is here to share her knowledge. This, world, is an Uglydoll.

His name, according to the Uglydoll website, is Trunko and Trunko is “over the top. He freaks out over everything and overreacting is his hobby. When the chips are down, he orders a million more chips at wholesale prices.”

Arielle Baker, however, has rechristened him. World, let me introduce you to Spud.

(Photo taken by Arielle Baker)

Spud is a well-travelled little fellow and Arielle is here to recount his adventures.

So next time you find yourself on a plane or at that famous memorial you’ve always wanted to visit but don’t remember the name of, take a look around. You may just find Spud there with his pink bandana cocked rakishly, heading for his next adventure.

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