If there is one object that perhaps more than any other has become a symbol of remembrance and promise, it is the ring. The ring is used to declare promises to others, such as the engagement and the wedding ring, and to one’s self, such as the purity ring.  The ring is also an object of memory. When I was a child, I was (and still am) extremely forgetful. My mother, who was a collector of old sayings and homespun advice, used to tell me to tie a string around my finger so that I wouldn’t forget.

In lieu of forgetting, SarahJean collects silver rings.

These beautiful rings serve to remind her of who she is. They also represent her promise to herself and God to hold onto her identity and her faith no matter what life may throw at her. Here is her story. I hope you enjoy her words, her smiles, and her laughter as much as I do.


In case you have a poor memory, here are all of her rings and their associated memories.

Trinity                         Confidence                               Music

Theater, Faith, Relationships            Becoming


To learn more about SarahJean’s travels in Budapest and the history of her rings, read her blog.

Köszönöm SarahJean. And God bless.