World, let me introduce you to Ági. I met Ági through a mutual friend last semester while wandering in the lovely city of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Ági is, in a word, an individual. She’s funky, stylish, creative, unique, and unbelievably photogenic, although she won’t admit it.
Since Ági’s a bit too far away to interview (9 hour plane ride), I asked her to send me some photos and a story. And this, world, is what she had to say.
“To begin with, I’m Ági, a Hungarian girl who’s not really attached to material possesions.  During the 19 years that I have spent in this world, I only got to love one object, and that is – warning: cliché ahead! – my first ever plush. He’s called Morzsi, which means ‘little crumb’ in Hungarian and is a very common dog name. I still remember buying him. The details are blurry, for I was maybe 2, at most 3 years old, but I remember walking with my parents and suddenly seeing him in a stall on the streets. It was love at first sight, and I had been nagging my poor parents until I finally held him in my hands. From that day on, I’ve slept with him.
His big, sad gaze always calmed me down when I saw monsters in the night, and he witnessed each one of my big celebration-moments. As we grew older, his cloth became worn-out, and I learned to sleep without his help.  I would not always carry him with me; as I said, I am not and I wasn’t attached to inanimate object, but it was necessary for me to know that he’s always there.
Now he’s getting a new cloth, that’s why he’s looking quite shabby. Years ago mother declared that we should throw him out, but I will stick with him until my last breath, so she’s sewing him instead. I don’t know what I’d do without him, I know it sounds silly, but his absence would be a dull pain inside my chest, I think.”
Thanks Ági! Next time I’m in Budapest, drinks are on me! Forralt bor?