If idle hands are the devil’s playground, then Leighanne Sturgis will never make it even make it to the park. To keep her hands busy, Leighanne makes paper cranes. It’s just what she does. While listening to lectures, she makes cranes. Walking down the streets, she makes cranes. Watching television, she makes cranes. Wandering through Central Eastern Europe, she makes cranes. Not unlike Hansel and Gretel, Leighanne leaves trails of origami paper cranes behind her, folded out of whatever bits of paper she happens to have lying around. Is she crazy? Perhaps. But I believe that it is simply her endless creativity and Bostonian spark that keeps her hands churning out cranes.

When Leighanne wakes up in the morning, this is what she sees.

And this.

I asked Leighanne how this all got started and she gave me the follow reply (along with a paper crane of my very own).

(Photographs of children taken by Leighanne)

And there you have it. If you want to learn more about Leighanne’s paper crane compulsion, check out her blog. She also just so happens to be a photographer, and I cannot resist given her some free promotion because she is absolutely brilliant.

If you want to develop your own paper crane compulsion (or perhaps just a hobby), check this out for more information on how you too can be an origami master.

How about one more crane photo for the road?